On She Is Called and Sisterhood

Last month, you were one of fifty women gathered at She Is Called 2018 in Denver. This was our second She Is Called gathering. Last year, at our first gathering in New York I remember feeling surprised by the way it felt to be in a room full of women who were together to discuss their callings. These women took seriously the invitation to come with their power intact and something about that, a gathering of women holding power, felt profound. 

I remember watching as women admired each other—not with envy or competition but with a sense of wonder and inspiration. As we watched each other’s fire, each of us seemed to find our own flame burning that much brighter. Women commented as we left that they were aware for the first time of something they’d been missing—sisterhood. 

As I prepared for this year’s gathering in Denver, I wondered to myself if that sense of sisterhood was repeatable. I wondered if there was something in the aura of a first gathering that had made that magic in New York. I hoped not. I hoped for that same sense of fiery sisterhood this year. 

And then you came. We invited each other to be and to bring what was alive in us—nothing more, nothing less. We spoke our hopes aloud. We voiced our ambitions and callings. We talked about sex, power, repair, equity. The topics we covered invited us to dig deep and gain understanding of ourselves and the women around us. 

Our conversations were powerful. Our voices were powerful, speaking wisdom and desire. We heard ourselves and held ourselves. We heard each other and held each other. And is was there again; sisterhood came and dwelt among us. It held us fast through clumsy moments when we could have stumbled into judgement. It gave us hope when we felt fear. It gave us peace as we moved through pain. 

I am grateful for you, for sisterhood. I believe in sisterhood as a thing that shows up when we empower ourselves and each other, and I just want to say that I’m in. Let’s do this. 




Carla Ewert 

Carla is a Minneapolis-based writer and speaker and co-creator

of the national conversation for women in leadership,

She Is Called. She hosts the Holy Writ Podcastand is a regular

panelist on the Christian Feminist Podcast


Carla Ewert