Katie Jo Suddaby

Facilitator Artist, New York City Event

Rev. Katie Jo Suddaby is one of the only Western artists who create delicate, temporary works in sand (called mandalas) using the ancient Tibetan technique. Tibetan Buddhist Monks have created and brushed away these symbolic works of art since the 8th Century BCE to teach the doctrine of impermanence. Since 2012 Katie Jo has designed and performed over 30 original mandalas for galas, festivals, and retreats across the country. Each mandala is unique and can take a few hours or a few months to complete. She has received training from Tibetan Buddhist monks in the US and Nepal. Katie Jo is also a preacher, workshop leader, and motivational speaker. Ordained in the American Baptist Churches USA, she fuses Buddhist art and Christian texts to teach self-care, art as a spiritual expression, and the value of religious diversity.