She Is Called Events


a conversation, a gathering, a jumping off point...

She Is Called exists to network and resource women by providing conversational space for their ambitions, goals, and hopes. She Is Called events are a conference, a gathering, a jumping off point for women to connect and discuss issues surrounding their work and calling. 

We believe calling is the internal howl of passion by which we understand ourselves and our work in the world. All too often women, particularly those in faith contexts, have been asked to quiet our passions. We’ve been taught to fear ambition, sacrifice goals, and resign hope. At She Is Called, we believe speaking our passion out loud has the power to rekindle it.

We structure all we do around the idea that voicing our hope empowers us. We believe empowered women are crucial to reverse the abuses that have long gone unaddressed in our culture and churches. 

She Is Called is not a typical conference. Sessions are conversational; content forms collaboratively. Facilitators are there to keep things rolling, ask questions to spur further thinking, and guide the process, but your thoughts and insights are the content. 


amplify and enrich your work

speaking your passion will lead you to resources and connections, new information and insight to guide your calling. 


We hope during our time together you hear yourself and others speak passion--that speaking your passion will lead you to resources and connections that will amplify and enrich your work. We hope you gain new information and insight to guide your calling. We believe these conversations will lead to actionable outcomes that will impact our faith and world in real ways.