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At She Is Called, we imagine not just a new future in which women have equal access to leadership positions, but also a new way to do leadership. As more and more women move into leadership roles, we have a vision for a world set on fire by their passion, their love, and their desire to serve the world and make it a better place for everyone. We want to help you do that — to go set the world on fire — by offering you support, guidance, resources, and the network you need to make it all happen.


Peer Mentoring Groups are for you if you’re tired of the boys clubs that keep women out of leadership roles. One of the most powerful tools a leader can have is her personal network. Peer Mentoring Groups are your opportunity to meet new, like-minded women who are facing the same struggles and seizing the same kinds of opportunities as you are. Together, you can grow and learn from each other’s experiences, cheer each other on as you reach for your goals, and lean on each other when things get tough.

If you’ve ever felt lonely in your leadership, or in your ministry, Peer Mentoring Groups could be exactly what you’re looking for as you lean into your calling, and into all that God is inviting you to be.



Groups of 4-6 women who meet regularly for 3 months via online video conference or group phone calls to mastermind, encourage, support and pray for each other. Groups meet twice monthly at self-determined times and interact regularly in private Facebook Groups. Each group has the opportunity to meet live and in person at the She Is Called conference in May. Groups are encouraged to plan their own retreats and in-person events as they see fit.



Once you apply, you’ll be matched with a group of 3-5 other women who are facing similar challenges as emerging leaders in the church. Each month, you’ll receive materials that include exercises, thought and discussion prompts, and leadership lessons from the She Is Called leadership team.


"A woman is in harmony with her spirit like a river flowing." -Maya Angelou

You’ll meet twice per month for 3 months. After the 90-day round, you can choose to remain with your group, switch to a new group, or leave peer mentoring. Successful groups will have lively and dynamic interactions online in their private Facebook groups, preferably checking in at least once per week. It’s important that everyone who joins a group understand that you are making a commitment to a community of like-minded women who want to support you. You’re important: showing up for your group is important, too. They need your wisdom, experience, and knowledge just as much as you need theirs, so be sure to fully and active participate, and please be ready to commit for the full three months.

You’ll receive a manual that will help you have the most successful experience possible. It will include tips for making your mastermind calls effective and productive, ground rules for how to show up for each other, and technical info on how you can get started and where to find your weekly materials.