How do we know? The voice inside. That can be tricky though. Here, Laura Parrott Perry writes about our “unreliable narrator” or the voice inside that’s not really ours. When we’re together we'll discuss all of the ways our stories and our knowing are sometimes highjacked by a voice that isn’t really ours. Hopefully we’ll encourage each other on the path of recognizing our true inner voice so that together we may better know: know our calling, know our passion, know ourselves, know our next steps.

Along with unreliable narrators, we also have different parts of ourselves speaking from different voices. Here, Elizabeth Gilbert gives a fascinating and insightful breakdown of the different parts of herself and how she learns to listen to them all. To know, maybe we need to listen to all of ourselves?

Reason and passion: two vital components to knowing. Listen to Jonathan Fields on Goodlife Podcast talk about the relationship between the two.

Marlee Walters