Peer Mentoring Registration Fall 2018

Peer Mentoring Registration Fall 2018


Register to be matched into a Peer Mentoring Group!

Groups start on September 10th! Once you are matched with a group, beginning in September you’ll be charged an additional $25 per month for 3 months (regardless of whether you participate in the group or not — this is added incentive for you to show up and reap the amazing benefits of this program!)

Once the 90-Day session is over, you’ll have the opportunity to select from three choices: You can leave Peer Mentoring (if you decide to come back, you’ll need to pay the registration fee again); you can stay in your Peer Group (no further registration fee, but you’ll continue to make 3 monthly payments of $25 per month for as long as you stay); or you can ask to be switched to a new group (no new registration fee, just pay the monthly $25).

Once your application has been processed, please give us a few weeks. We may be in contact to ask a few questions. You’ll know who you’ve been matched with by September 8th.

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