she is called podcast

where women speak their passions out loud



The She Is Called podcast is a conversation starter. It's one of the spaces we hold for women to speak their passions out loud.



Kate Christensen-Martin and Carla Ewert co-host and interview women who are living toward calling and leadership.

We’ll ask what calling means to them and how they turned their passion into action. Together we’ll practice speaking our hopes out loud and cheering each other on.

about our co-hosts:


Carla Ewert 

Carla Ewert is the director and founder of She Is Called, a national conversation for women who lead, which she co-creates with women around the country. Through She Is Called, Carla is committed to opening conversational space for women about their ambitions and desires. She believes calling is an internal howl of passion and that leadership comes through following our curiosities. 

One of Carla’s curiosities is podcasting. Carla hosts the Holy Writ Podcast, co-hosts the She Is Called Podcast along with Kate Christensen-Martin, and is a regular panelist on the Christian Feminist Podcast

The Holy Writ Podcast is the crossover of two of Carla’s constant conversations: belief and books. Christian faith is her heritage and her relationship with that faith has ranged from zealot to cynic. Though her beliefs have shifted and become less central, she finds herself deeply curious about the faith process and how it informs and forms one’s life. Holy Writ gives her the chance to ask people who hold faith what they’re reading. It’s part book club part interview that stirs a new kind of conversation to humanize faith and find holy writ in unexpected places. 

Carla finds herself engaging conversations about the female experience of faith through the She Is Called Podcast, on which Kate and Carla interview women who are following their curiosities and callings, and as a long-time panelist on the Christian Feminist Podcast, which explores topics and pop-culture related to the intersection of feminism and Christian faith. 

Carla writes and speaks in places like Relevant Magazine and the Wild Goose Festival. When she can, she sermonizes at her faith community, Solomon’s Porch. 

Carla lives with her kids in Minneapolis. On a nice day in the Twin Cities, she enjoys cycling on the city trails or playing at Lake Harriet. The long northern winters give her plenty of time for coffee, bourbon, and books. 


Kate Christensen-Martin




Kate Christensen-Martin is co-founder and co-pastor of Sojourn Grace Collective, a Progressive Christian Church in San Diego, California. She also co-hosts The Kate and Colby Show, a podcast where she and her husband talk about all the things. 

She loves popcorn, red wine, long hikes, and filling her house with antiques. She spends much of her time attempting
to write children’s curriculum for her church and homeschooling her four children.